Why Yoga?
If you wish for a nice body as well as being healthy from inside out,
yoga can make it happen. The yoga is not only about physical therapy,
but also is a mind remedy. To move and pose with the right breathing
cause a better health. So, why not yoga?
Never Get Enough with Yoga!
Your body will be stronger and more flexible after you routinely do yoga.
The mirror will even say that you look beautiful despite not asking it for.
There are actually many more benefits that you’ll love about.
For example, the internal body balance works well,
your stress will be eased, as well as you will be happy than ever!
Stay Healthy 24/7 at Yoga & Me
With us, you will fully recreate both body and mind by variety of
classes like Yoga, Yoga Fly, Pilates, V2Max, Gyrotonic with
a bunch of experienced yoga teachers kindly and friendly treating you.
Come visit us and you never want to leave.
Become one like Free Mind Flying in the Sky
Let us take you off to the sky and make you safely fly with our yoga captain. We serve you
the hybrid Yoga Fly which mixes Traditional Yoga, Pilates, Ballets, Dances, and Acrobatics altogether.
You do yoga on the hammock silk with some fun and lots of bodily gains.
You will feel rejuvenated and fitted, as well as, of course, your face will look much younger afterward.
So, don’t dismiss this!
Pilates is an anatomist!
Your body misalignment will be fixed by such Pilates which controls the core of body. Your breath will smoothly flow while connecting with movements. Easily practicing on a yoga mat together with various tools like either a small or a big inflatable ball, a flex band, a fitness circle, and a foam roller. At the end, some packs will appear on your abs!
Better Look
by V2Max
When you consistently work out on a Pilates V2Max,
your deep layer of muscles will develop as well as
the torso will get stronger. To brag,
Pilates by V2Max makes you sexier
with shape and curve like no doubts!
Revitalize the Spine and
Rewind Your Age by Gyrotonic
One and Only 360o workout. Believe it or not!
Your joints can move all around.
If you keep working them out 360 Degree
with the Gyrotonic an hour every day,
you will be amazed by how younger you’re becoming.
Just practicing for 7 straight times,
your spine will be in place and the body gets upright.
Your look will be stunning and charming like a teen idol.
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