Hot Yoga

It is not very hot as you’ve heard! The Hot Yoga is a yoga practice in the room which is 37 Degree Celsius; as same as human’s average internal temperature. Therefore, all muscles are ready and the blood circulatory system is flowable well in this warm temperature. One class in a proper period of time, 400 - 600 calories are burned up. If you have done some traditional yoga before, your metabolism will function much better after the hot yoga class. Apart from those, you will amazingly have sort of more glowing skin resulting from the soaking wet in perspiration. It’s just like a mini detox, so you will be cleaned up from inside out.

Prana Yoga

It’s another beginning class which provides you some 32 basic poses in a room temperature studio. Specially, the Prana Yoga is actually initiated by Yoga & Me Studio. Like a meditation, the deep breathing is the core of yoga. It will be instructed along with head-to-toe poses such as body stretching, standing, stepping, lying, twisting, and so on. This class is suitable for anybody who just begins or wants to revise basic poses before further advance classes. At the end of the class, you will gradually have more energy in the meantime you’ll be able to efficiently focus on what you’re working on. To say, the Prana Yoga makes your everyday life brighter!

Backbend and Twisting

It particularly emphasizes twisting which you do while in an asana posture, or sitting on a mat. You will get purified, freshened, and relieved during the class. Moreover, the pains from shoulders to the back will be eased by the backbend and twisting. However, it welcomes a beginner to join, do not hesitate. And some tips to the girls, you guys will definitely get the S-line body shape after keeping twisting in this class. Why waiting for, Let’s twist together.

Leg and Standing

Leg and Standing (yoga classes for beginners) is a yoga practice in standing postures and stretching exercises, stretching legs and joints to strengthen the legs. Knee and ankle joints Helps to cope with stiffness and pain in the legs, knees and ankles of girls living on high heels all day. Perfect for relaxation and strength training for legs in this class. Thank you and share your leg with the Leg and Standing classes.

Breathing (Beginner)


Joints Therapy

You will feel relaxed and peaceful during the class by joint exercises. In each pose, you hold onto it for a 3-minute long in order to loosen deep layers of muscle and tendon. Your irritation from body aches will be away after the joints therapy. The stress cannot easily reach you resulting in a better sleep as well as blood pressure and hormones will work on point!

Breathing (Advanced)

Gentle Yoga

It suits for a starter. Most of the poses and the movements are basic and comfortable practicing in a room temperature studio. You can feel calm and have a better concentration. Absolutely, the gentle yoga makes both body and mind more balancing as well as you will be getting fit and firm at the same time. If you want to first try out some yoga, just jump in this class. You’re gonna love it!

Short & Sweat

If you don’t have much time and want to do some short but intense yoga? This class is for you. It takes only 45 minutes long but you will get a lot of benefits like freshness, energy, relaxation, and concentration. Your day will never get dull. Short but Sharp!

Hot & Flow

If you are a hot yoga lover, please welcome to this door! You will practice the yoga in the room with 30 Degree Celsius. Most of the poses are quite challenging. You have to put some efforts to make a pose. Because of how hard you try, you can burn up some great amount of fat. The cardiovascular works better as well as the respiratory system will be stronger. Of course, you’ll have a baby face with some rosy cheeks.

Base & Hot

Balance & Core

This class is all about core muscles which support the spine, both biceps and triceps, and both leg and thigh muscles. The practice mixes a pose and breathing along together so that your spine will be seized for a moment and the 2 sides of body will be balanced. This class is really beneficial to your body.

Basic Flow

If you are new, just try this class. You learn how to move along with the right breath. Moreover, you’ll be just fine when you move too fast. Most poses are basic and suitable for whom has ever practiced the hot yoga and yoga therapy before. At the end of the class, you will feel stronger because of the utilization of arm and leg muscles as well as the hip opening.

Yoga Pilates

This one is a challenging class in which you practice in a room temperature studio. Most of the poses are in slow pace. You will move slowly and control breathing to go together. The distinction of Yoga Pilates is to connect traditional yoga with Pilates practice so that your core muscles will get stronger, the abs in particular. If you are adventurous kind of person, this class will surely thrill you!

Sun Salutation and Vinyasa

This class is also for an experienced practitioner. In here, you seek for the power from breath which is brought up with each Sun Salutation pose. Your muscles and spines will be adjusted to balance. The true power is not far away but it is closer than you think. Please come find out by yourself in this class, the Sun Salutation Power.

Inspire Rocket

Hot Core

Flow Yoga

It’s another class which you need to pass some practices before. Each yoga teacher will deliberately design different series of yoga poses depending on purposes and styles. However, the Flow Yoga will give you most benefits and you will be amazed by how your body is capable of. You’ve got to love this class. I bet you!

Plus Yoga

It’s an experimental class by a knowledgeable and experienced yoga teacher. You will learn some new poses and stuff like you’ve never experienced before. Apart from psychical and mindful benefits, you are a part of designing the cutting-edge yoga class! Please come and be proud of it together.

Inspire Primary

It’s about forward bending poses, Ashtanga yoga. This practice stretches hamstring muscles. Between each pose, you will have to jump through and jump back before starting the pose and after ending the pose so as to strengthen the upper body and the core strength. If you are kind of extreme yoga practitioner, please come here and nail it!

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