gg Basic Gyrotonic is a beginner's class where teachers explain the components. And the deployment of the machine. To fit the physiologies of the trainer. With the principles of breathing and Gyrotonic training methods, get acquainted with the machine. And practice by breathing properly. For the Gyrotonic Basic Class, the teacher will focus on giving you all the 360-degree muscle stretching exercises. And joints Focus on the backbone

Whole Body

If you are a beginner who wants to try some Gyrotonic or you’ve done it before, this class is more than welcome. In this class, you learn more about the Gyrotonic machine. Your small muscles and all joints will be slowly exercised in spite of the fact that they are barely moved. From the very first class, your muscles will be more flexible and you can quickly recover from a fatigue and stiff neck as well as a shoulder pain. The office syndrome will easily come and go if you try this class!

Refreshing Spine

This Gyrotonic class focuses on the movement of spinal muscles and hips. This class also eases the low back pain while the upper back gets stronger. If you keep practicing the Refreshing Spine, the back is in good shape and strong supported by the muscular abs. A perfect body is not just a dream. Come prove it by Gyrotonic!

Lower Body

This class is perfect for youngsters who wants to work out the low body, from the lower abs, bottom, thighs, to calves, so as to get fit and stronger. Unlike other exercises, your legs are lean instead of bulk muscles. Especially girls, this transformation is legit and safe. One thing that you will love the most is that such a cellulite will be gradually got rid of. Retouching is off, nor any filters. You’re going to love yourself in photo taking. Moreover, you will be vigorous thanks to stronger hip and knee joints.

Beach Body

If you hesitate to go to the beach, just because you think you’re not sexy enough. This class, the Gyrotonic Beach Body, can make you over. However, you need to join the Whole Body for 3 classes at least in order to make it in this class. The Beach Body will strengthen and flex your muscles and joints by standing poses which you must put efforts to control the body. The Gyrotonic teacher adds on some cardio workouts so that you can fully burn up calories. You have to be busy from now on by getting more liking and positive comments on social media.

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